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[IP] insurance "in writing" quetion-venting too

Miranda wrote:
>Then call up the health plan and ask them about pump coverage.  If you get >good news, GET IT IN WRITING.

Ok, I have seen this advice several times here on IP, and my question
is: how do you guys get your insurance company to do that???
We have tried to get our insurance company to tell us in writing exactly
what things are covered and for how much. Their response is always
something along the lines of: "we don't do that, because it could be
construed as a promise to pay, and we don't promise to pay every claim"
Then they tell us to see our policy to find out what is covered. The
policy of course is one of those general things that doesn't tell you
much of anything... An example: On Shane's last eye surgery, one of the
codes submitted was for treatment of a "retinal lesion". The insurance
paid 50%. They told us, it is our policy to always pay only 50% for that
code. Is this mentioned anywhere in our policy? NO! And we have read the
policy (including fine print) several times. I am particularly
frustrated with their refusal to pay several items on this last eye
surgery, because up until that point they had been great about paying
absolutely everything submitted (including 100% of pump and supplies).
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