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[IP] Update on DKA experience/Josh

Hi all--

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of encouragement and support regarding
Josh's DKA and hospitalization.  I am happy to report that he is out of the
hospital (as of last night) and his blood glucose levels seem to have
stabilized.  We'll be testing every 1-2 hours for the rest of today, but he
(and I!) will probably go back to school tomorrow.

It almost seems like someone turned a switch on (or off!) at midnight.
Since then, his numbers have consistently been between 80-100, and he's
been reacting to carbs and insuling with amazing predictability.  (Hell of
a way to do basal testing, though!)  

One last suggestion for those of you who are also learning from our
experience.  Our CDE visited us in the hospital to review basic sick day
procedures.  She had provided this information when we were initially
trained, but with all of the information and excitement with beginning
pumping I didn't absorb some of what she told us.  Some of you (especially
the relative newbies, like us) might also benefit from a refresher visit
with your CDE on sick day procedures.  It's hard to remember what to do
when you're half panicked dealing with an illness, so my CDE wrote out a
list of basics that I've posted on a bulletin board in my kitchen (right
there with all of our emergency numbers).

I was VERY pleasantly surprised that in our entire ER and hospital stay,
not one person made us feel like we were "bad diabetics" who had brought
this on ourselves.  We were treated with respect and concern, and even
complimented on our level of knowledge and success in dealing with diabetes
through the years.  This was quite a different experience emotionally than
I've had to deal with in the past, so I truly am grateful for the excellent
treatment and care we received.

Thanks again for all of your support and concern.

:)  Doreen in Wyoming        

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