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Re: [IP] Pumps

>Disetronic gives you 2 pumps, yet the real reason for this is that the FDA >told them they had to because the Parent company is in Europe and return and >repair is next to impossible in a safe period of time. So the FDA MADE >Disetronic do this.

ok, I have no wish to start a pump war over this, but I am curious about
the above statement. My understanding is that in Europe, all pump
manufacturers have to provide 2 pumps. Since Disetronic's headquarters
is in Europe and they must give 2 pumps to all European customers, they
decided to just give 2 to all American customers as well. I have not
heard anything about the FDA requiring them to provide 2 pumps.
Disetronic does have a USA facility in Minneapolis, and I thought that
is where pumps in the US get sent to for repairs. Does anyone have solid
info (references) on this either way?
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