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Re: [IP] morning BS rise

> I need some help making an adjustment of my basals. I can wake up with
> BS's, and no matter what I do, bolus and eat or not eat, I will rise to
> of almost 300. I will come back down to normal approximately 3 hours
> But in the meantime I feel horrible! From 12am to 6am, I am on a basal
rate of
> .5 and the rest of the time I am on a rate of .3. I was on a rate of .6
> but was waking up with constantly unsafe lows. Any ideas on how to adjust
so I
> don't spike so high after breakfast, but don't bottom out before or around
> lunch? Thanks again for any help, Denise
One possibility is that your dawn phenomenon doesn't kick in until you get
up. If this is the case, you don't want to try to cover it by adjusting your
basals. You need to bolus as soon as you get up to cover it. Then bolus
normally for your breakfast. You'll have to determine the amount you
initially bolus by testing and experimenting. You might start by fasting to
see how much of a rise you have and begin by using the amount you would use
to correct.

I found out this was the case with me. When I started to bolus for the dawn
phenomenon, I found that I needed to lower my basals around that time and
change my carb/insulin ratio because they were set to cover that rise.


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