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[IP] Pumps

  I have noticed a lot of talk through these emails about which pump is best(Disetronic or MiniMed).  The bottom line is both have positives and negatives.  Here is what I have found: 1.Disetronic is water proof, yet Mini Med can be disconnected with the soft set and you can purchase a water proof pouch if need be. 2. MiniMed has a back light, yet unless you administer insulin in the dark(which I do sometimes in the middle of the night) this is just one of the extras. 3. Disetronic gives you 2 pumps, yet the real reason for this is that the FDA told them they had to because the Parent company is in Europe and return and repair is next to impossible in a safe period of time. So the FDA MADE Disetronic do this. MiniMed is located in Calif. and the FDA did not feel the same safety messures need to be installed.
  I will have to be honest, I am a MiniMed pumper.  I like to disconnect, I live in So. Calif.(MiniMed is in So.Calif.) my Endo likes Minimed and like I said, I pump in the middle of the night.
  If you like your pump great(my MM 508 is awesome!!).  But make sure you get all of the truth and info about all things in regards to both pumps.
Happy Pumping!
Steve Yancey
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