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Re: [IP] Insurance & Interviews

>During the job interview process, is there any good way to get information >about a company's coverage and if it would cover supplies for the pump?
>I've never admitted up-front during an interview that I have juvenile >diabetes. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, or if revealing such information >would count against someone with a chronic disease such as diabetes.

Well, technically, I would think that they cannot legally discriminate
against you because of the diabetes. Shane got lucky on his last job
interview because the interviewer happened to be a newly diagnosed Type
2. When he saw Shane's pump, he knew right away what it was, and was so
facinated that he spent about half the interview asking him about the
pump and how it worked, how he liked it, etc. Anyway, here was Shane's
original plan on how to deal with the insurance questions: Do not
mention it at the interview. Wait until after they make an offer. Then
say that of course you would like to have some time to consider it, and
would it be possible to speak with someone about the health insurance. I
think asking about insurance, 401k, etc before taking a job is
reasonable for anyone, diabetic or not. If they press for a reason, you
can tell them about the diabetes if you want, or not. Either way they
have already made you the offer and will have a hard time recinding it.
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