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Re: [IP] Shoes and socks off in Dentist's office

At 07:37 AM 1/5/2000  jan hughey wrote:
 >> Subject: Forcing a foot inspection, was: Re: [IP] Checkups
 >> As soon as you get into the examination room, remove your shoes and socks.
 >> Leave them off until your doctor inspects your feet.
 >> Of course, my dentist thinks I'm a bit strange when I take my shoes and
 >> socks off ......... <vbg>
 >> Bob Burnett
 >The same trick could be done to force doctors to do a breast exam on women.
 >Imagine the look on the dentist's face walking in .....

Imagine the look on the police and the guys in the white coats, as they 
come to cart you away!!  :-)


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