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Re: Off-Topic But I Need This Info was: Re: [IP] Strange Date

At 01:57 AM 1/5/2000  Susan K wrote:
 >This fix worked great on my system with the very last
 >upgrade of WIN95 (just before WIN98 was released).
 >However, My Dad has a system with the very first edition of
 >Win95 on it.  I made this fix on his computer on January 1
 >and it seemed to work OK.  Now, though, each day at 12 am
 >the system retains the month and day but changes the year
 >to 2094.  He has to reset the year every day.
 >Do you, or anybody else, know of a patch that might work to
 >fix this?

This could either be hardware or software related... I'm not an expert, so 
it's hard for me to tell. How old of a machine is it? Have you had the BIOS 
updated to the latest version? Most of the major computer makers have 
websites where you can often download software BIOS updates. However, for 
really old machines it may take a physical chip to update things. Try -- 
http://www.mrbios.com/ or http://www.firmware.com/ depending on the brand 
of BIOS chip that you have, etc.

Have you gone onto Microsoft's website and checked for updates? They have a 
lot posted there for Win95. You might want to try starting with -- 

Good luck.


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