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Re: [IP] DKA experience

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> we will be packed and ready to hit the nearest ER if the first sign of high
> fever/vomiting occurs.
> but...we all did have a flu shot...so  hopefully....

The flu shot will not protect you against stomach problems! Flu REALLY 
means a respiratory virus, not stomach problems, which are usually
caused by bacteria.

Stomach problems are usually caused by spoiled food -- and it's NOT
uncommon for food to be spoiled enough to cause problems without any
indication of bad taste or smell. In addition, symptoms may not occur
for 24 - 72 hours, so it's hard to pin down exactly what caused the
stomach problem.  It may also depend on amount consumed and individual
susceptibility to a particular bug, so one family member may be sick and
another not, even though they ate the same food.

This means that nausea and vomiting can hit at ANY time -- so it's good
ALWAYS to be prepared for the possibility of sickness. Even
non-diabetics can get very dehydrated from a bad bug, especially
infants, toddlers, and elderly people. The additional risk for Type 1's
is DKA; for Type 2's it's Nonketotic Coma. Both of these are deadly.

So yes, do take care!


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