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Re: [IP] Giving Blood

Compell, Ellen A, CFCTR wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone else had advice on what to expect when I give blood
> tomorrow (in relation to Diabetes).  I have only heard from two folks.  I am
> sure more of you have given blood!

Wish I could help you, but I'm not allowed to give blood any more! I've
tried repeatedly and been turned down, because I had a coronary artery
spasm in 1992 (totally unrelated to giving blood!), and they're too
afraid of triggering another one.

As far as *I* can tell, it was triggered by high BGs, but on the other
hand, maybe the high BGs were triggered by whatever it was that caused
the spasm!

Ah well, I should be glad I'm so VERY healthy for a sick person!!!!!

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