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Re: [IP] frustration


Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble pumping. 
I would like to think that it would be the perfect solution
for every DMer but I know, in reality, it is not.

I am just wondering ... your list of possible changes did
not include mixing H and V insulin.  Have you already tried
that?  It seems to help a lot of people who have problems
with straight H insulin.

My ex-stepdaughter had horrible raging hormones when she
was around 16.  Basing things on my experience with her,
and my own, you sound pretty normal in that department.  My
cycles were never regular at that age and neither were
hers.  However, I wasn't DM at that age (that we know of)
and she still isn't.  The good news is that we both settled
down to normal (if there is such a thing) when we neared
adulthood.  I have only recently started having the
hormones act up again but my doc put me on birth-control
pills (Ortho Tri-Cyclen) and it has straightened things
right out.  You may even want to explore that possibility
yourself.  Another benefit of the Tri-Cyclen pills is that
they seem to help control acne and skin problems if you
have them (I know most teenagers do).

I really hope to hear that you get it worked out and get to
keep your pump.  INJECTIONS SUCK!!!

Best of luck to you.  Let me know how things work out -- I
care and want you to succeed.

--- amy m <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Man this is getting old!
>  How do you know if humalog is the cause of your
> problems, sometimes it works great, other times it
> doesn't work at all.
>  I finally found my infusion sets but lately it's
> looking like they have made no difference. Since New
> Year's Eve bg have only been high. 
>  I'm just tired of this. I see my endo next week, he
> may want me back on shots (he did last time but I said
> no). Things were fine in December, great actually,
> then they got to not so great adn now they flat out
> suck. I can do humalog and not come down, but I can't
> assume it's me b/c I have seen a 71 in there. Not ni a
> few days, but still.
>  I figure I'm not eating anything today until my bg
> comes down (i hope that's before midnight!). But I'm
> tired of this anyway. 
>  What's the teenage year for females you all think
> that hormones hit the hardest?? Is it possible things
> would be teh same on shots, and it's just that I'm
> 16?? (Mind you, at least I'd have 2 types of insulin
> in me). As for being my period, I'm sure some guys are
> thinking that...I don't know. Flat out don't know. I
> wish I could know, but  I can say it's been 2months
> since it came (no surprise, don't think it'll ever be
> regular...) but I learend NOT to think it's that. I
> had consistent higher numbers last month and I was
> wrong..but thsoe were like 180-220 not 350s out of the
> blue whihc don't want to come down.
>  I basal tested nights 3 nights ago.... 103, 89, 87
> and 66. but now all i do is go up (and i'm not
> rebounding, i fixed the low so i don't go low). I was
> 224 when I went to bed last night, 296 this am..I cna'
> tbelieve I got 5.5 hrs of sleep and don't feel it
> yet..I feel rotten but not tired! What a way to start
> a new "yaer" of school.
>  Anyhow, I'm not sure I can hnalde another 2 months of
> hell with pumping. my a1cs at least were somewhat
> decent on shots and my eyes NEVER felt it. It's only
> been about 11 yrs with this but it's not worth lousy
> control for no good reason. 
>  this is how I see it (i think my endo will disagree
> with all, if not all of these solutions)
>  1-Pump with V, bolus with H shots
>  2-PUmp straight V
>  3-Pump normally, but take a tiny dose of U daily to
> keep me covered
>  4-go back to shots for a month ( I REALLY would hate
> to do this, but is lousy control worth it..what aren't
> i don't right?)
>  Ironic thing is I had no hassle when I said I wanted
> a pump,the CDE and endo both agreed I was a great
> candidate...so maybe it is hormones, but I never had
> so many problems with shots...
>  Frustrated, high and thirsty
>  Amy (no ketones now:-)

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