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[IP] embarrassing menstrual issues and the wonders of my pump

> I started diabetes several years after getting my period.  Fine.  Diabetes
> always made my BG go up!  Seriously UP!  Like 200 points - sometimes, that
> was the only way I knew my period was imminent!
> <shyly>  Jane  Thanks.

I have to say that one of my very favorite features of the 508 is the ability to create multiple basal profiles.  I used it for the first time this past month, in those 10-14 days before my period when my bg just will not stay normal.  I created a Profile that my pump calls "Pattern A", but which I call "Pattern PMS".  When I noticed my bg increasing, I simply switched
over to the special basal pattern, which I had programmed to increase all the basals by .1 unit.  It worked like a charm!  That extra bit of insulin, which totalled less than 3 units/day, made all the difference.  Yes, it is possible to go in and change all the basal rates by hand, but what a pain!  When I got my period, I simply switched back to the profile that my pump
calls "Standard", but that I call, "Good--In a Few Days, All My Clothes Will Fit Again!".  The differences btwn. the 506 (which I had before) and the 508 are mainly bells and whistles.  But this feature is a bell I will take any day. Too cool!


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