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Re: [IP] morning BS rise

On 4 Jan 2000, denise poole wrote:

> I need some help making an adjustment of my basals. I can wake up with great
> BS's, and no matter what I do, bolus and eat or not eat, I will rise to highs
> of almost 300. I will come back down to normal approximately 3 hours later.
> But in the meantime I feel horrible! From 12am to 6am, I am on a basal rate of
> .5 and the rest of the time I am on a rate of .3. I was on a rate of .6 prior,
> but was waking up with constantly unsafe lows. Any ideas on how to adjust so I
> don't spike so high after breakfast, but don't bottom out before or around
> lunch? Thanks again for any help, Denise

A couple of questions first.... does the spike occur if you are fasting 
or just when you eat?

Does the spike occur when you eat a no-carb breakfast such as an egg and 
crystal lite?

Answers to those questions will narrow the cause down a bit.

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