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Re: [IP] Batteries was Beloved Backlight

At 11:40 PM 1/4/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>Make sure the batteries are inserted all the way - the top of the battery 
>should be just slightly "below" the edge of the pump. If they're not 
>inserted tightly enough, there won't be good electrical contact. Don't 
>over tighten to the point of cracking the pump case, though.

actually I think Mag is on the MM that is one pump i am not all to familiar 
with  but i am sure the life of the Battery depends on the same things.  on 
the D you can also look at the Battery to see if it has been inserted right 
by looking at the "burn ring" on the battery.  the battery should have a 
complete circle "scratched out on the bottom of it after you remove it from 
the pump.

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