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Re: [IP] Batteries was Beloved Backlight


Make sure the batteries are inserted all the way - the top of the battery 
should be just slightly "below" the edge of the pump. If they're not 
inserted tightly enough, there won't be good electrical contact. Don't over 
tighten to the point of cracking the pump case, though.

Also, note the expiration date on the side of the battery case and call 
Disetronic (I assume you're using a D, based on this thread). I've had some 
batteries I suspected were "less than prime" and D worked with me to take 
care of my concerns.

Note that pumps will only alarm when the battery reaches a pre defined 
"low" threshold. If the brand new battery is only slightly above this "low" 
threshold when first used, it won't take long before it expires and alarms. 
While this may explain a lot of the YMMV re: batteries, it's not sufficient 
in my opinion. The pump vendor will hold the battery manufacturer to their 
stated quality control standards if we let them know there are problems.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

At 11:25 PM 1/4/00 -0500, Mag wrote:

>Really?  Thanks Brian, i didn't think even on low basals, Matt's are really
>low.....that batteries could last that long.  Matt's first set lasted the
>longest 5 weeks. Second set 4.......3rd set  6 days.......on 4th set
>now..........hmmmmm  i guess it is ymmv.

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