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[IP] Re:BG and ovulation/menopause

Dear Kathy P.,
I'm pretty excited to be communicating with other people who know what I'm 
going through.  Reading all the emails on so many things I've wondered about 
really helps me feel like I'm not alone.  Maybe it will take some of the 
burden off my poor husband, who listens but I'm sure is lost most of the time 
on how to answer.  Anyway, I've been told by my endo that variable BGs are 
associated with hormonal changes during menstruation, and therefore also 
during menopause.  I can't say that I've ever made the connection myself, but 
it would be nice to have some explanation for BGs that aren't a result of 
food, exercise, pump problems.  I think I'm going through menopause now, but 
I'm not experiencing any 'hormonal' stuff, so maybe that doesn't apply to me. 
 Never heard that menopause starts 10 years earlier for diabetics.
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