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[IP] (Fwd) RE: dpt-1 study

I'm forwarding this blurb to the list. The DPT-1 study will continue 
for a few more years and they still need a few hundred more 
volunteers. That is.... people who test postive for antibodies. The 
marketing / advertising arm for the DPT-1 prepared this statement. If 
your close relatives have not been tested, they can help expand our 
knowledge about diabetes prevention.


Help Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Imagine a day when no one suffered from type 1 diabetes.  The Diabetes
Prevention Trial - Type 1 (DPT-1) is studying whether type 1 diabetes
can be prevented or delayed with insulin injections or insulin

Individuals who do not have type 1 diabetes but do have a relative
with the disease may be eligible for the study.  

To be screened, individuals must be:

*	Age 45 or younger and have a brother or sister, child, or parent
with type 1 diabetes; or 
*	Age 20 or younger and have a cousin, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece,
grandparent, or half-sibling with type 1 diabetes

Call 1-800-HALT-DM1 (1-800-425-8361) or visit
www.niddk.nih.gov/patient/dpt_1/dpt_1.htm to learn more.

There are also a couple of links to DPT-1 info on the LINKS page of 
our web site.

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