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Re: [IP] Record Keeping

In a message dated 1/4/00 12:07:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Records are nice and help you see major 
 changes in basals or ratios and help formulate a correction strategy 
 - but they are not essential and take a lot of time and effort to 
 maintain. For some, it's not worth it. I've not pressed my daughter 
 to keep records, she stopped doing so a couple of years ago. She is 
 very diligent about testing and tweaking to keep her bg's at an 
 appropriate level. I can't ask for more. >>
    Melissa is now officially 17 & overwhelmed with just being 17, stressing 
about AP courses, SATs, looking at potential colleges, etc.....so I am 
grateful I don't HAVE TO ask for more, since she's doing the same thing Lily 
is. The record-keeping made ME feel better, but considering I don't even 
remember how to work the pump anymore, this ball should definitely be in HER 
court - not mine, and thankfully she's handling it well.

Regrds, Renee ( pump-mom )
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