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Re: [IP] Batteries

Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:
> Actually the batteries that came in the pump have possibly been in there
> since Oct. 1st when they released the new 508s.  My batteries lasted 6 weeks
> in my new 508 and the new set are running strong 3 weeks later.  I use about
> 50u a day so I don't think it is from lack of insulin usage.

I started the pump last March 17 -- and my batteries have consistently
lasted about 3 months a set.  

The CDE said to change them once a month, but I don't see any reason to
-- I always have spares on hand, and if I'm traveling out of town, I
take some with me.  

But I think this is another YMMV thing -- maybe there are factors which
use up the batteries quicker for some people.

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