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Re: [IP] frustration


Sounds like you got a bad case of the hormones and growth.  I went thru the
same thing at that age and couldn't get it together for anything (this was

Every month a week before my period, during my period, after my period, my
bgs would go thru the roof.  there didn't seem like a time when it didn't
happen.  I would shoot up to about 800, throw up all over the place, end up
in the ER for DKA, and want to die.  The worse I had cramps the worse my bgs
and control were.  I was on mega doses of pain killer for the cramping and
felt like I would OD on them most of the time.

I went to see a really good endo when I was about 19.  He ran some tests and
determined my hormones went off the scale, and he put me on the pump and
birth control pills.  The hormone highs stopped after time and I stayed in
really good control.  No more feeling high all the time and the cramps were

My HgA1c have in the 6.3 range for years, until I went off the pills three
years ago so that we could have a baby.  Now I am in the 7.3 range.  I had
to deal with the occasional highs again (especially hard when you are trying
to get in great control to get pregnant).

Now that things have changed with my eyes, I probably should just go back on
the pills.


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