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[IP] frustration, hormones, amy & geneva

>  I basal tested nights 3 nights ago.... 103, 89, 87
> and 66. but now all i do is go up (and i'm not
> rebounding, i fixed the low so i don't go low). I was
> 224 when I went to bed last night, 296 this am..
>so maybe it is hormones, but I never had
> so many problems with shots...


this happens with geneva all of the time.  she will have a period of normal
levels  (between 100-200) and then whammo.  we have highs.

her high period started up yesterday after a week of normal.  she went to
bed at 274,  and we corrected to 150.  at 2 am she was 289.  I corrected
again to 140.  she awoke at 213!

right before christmas we had her basals that are usually around 0.5 for the
day set to 0.9!  it took me almost a week to get the nerve to do this.  then
she was in check for a day or two,  then back to her normal levels.  we have
to be so careful to see the first sign of lows coming.

so...I think you are just a normal growing teen whose hormones cause a great
need for extra insulin. I am almost sure that michael mentioned that lily
required double/triple insulin in her growth spurts.  correct me if I am
wrong, michael!

geneva is almost 11 and if we are going from 0.5 to 0.9...in the daytime!!!
(she has dusk phenomenon)...I would imagine yours would be even more.

just my thoughts.

my best!

p.s....I personally don't think the idea of using some U to cover the day as
an extra boost is such a bad idea.  only if you cannot do a big increase in
your basals.  which is what I would try first.  IMHO

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