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[IP] Record Keeping

> Willliam,
> The process you described is the absolute best for fine tuning
> control.  I am both impressed and amazed at your ability to maintain
> the discipline to do it!  This is one the hardest parts for me as a
> parent; the awful record keeping.  Maybe it is because I am not the
> one doing the eating and I often have to ask my daughter what she
> ate.  Any tips on keeping the discipline and record keeping? 

As the dad of a 5 year pump veteran that is now 16, I would suggest 
you focus your efforts on teaching your daughter how to use the tools 
and do the management. If she chooses to keep records, so be it. 
Otherwise don't worry about it. Records won't make or break the 
management regimen. What is more important is understanding how to 
manage bg's, when to test and how to correct -- taking into account 
unused insulin and undigested carbs. If she can learn the management 
aspects, then how to make small basal and ratio corrections then you 
will have done your job well. Records are nice and help you see major 
changes in basals or ratios and help formulate a correction strategy 
- but they are not essential and take a lot of time and effort to 
maintain. For some, it's not worth it. I've not pressed my daughter 
to keep records, she stopped doing so a couple of years ago. She is 
very diligent about testing and tweaking to keep her bg's at an 
appropriate level. I can't ask for more.

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