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[IP] RE: Amy

When was the last time your doctor checked your Thyroid levels?  When I hit
16 the amount of Synthroid I needed doubled.  I never figured out if it was
just me or a side affect of hitting my teens.  But I put on a lot of weight
in a short time and was tired and had high bgs.  When my levels were
increased, I lost most of the weight I gained, had a lot more energy and my
bgs evened out.  Although it is just a small factor, it might be part of it.
My tests three months before had my levels fine and then they were very off
the next time.  Hmm...

Ok as for everything else...if thirsty drink plenty of water.  Also, not
eating can add to blood sugar rising when you do eat since your body
believes it is starving it tries to store the food when you do eat.  So
nibble on a few crackers and see what happens.

Best of luck,

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to answer the questions..
 Actually, I'm only 16. No birth control or anything,
only thing I take is synthroid. I was testing bg for
the longest time between 10-15 times a day, actually
cut down to 6 but now it's at least 10 again b/c of
how things have been going. <snip>
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