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[IP] re:ip;re frustration, re: dka (humility)

to answer the questions..
 Actually, I'm only 16. No birth control or anything,
only thing I take is synthroid. I was testing bg for
the longest time between 10-15 times a day, actually
cut down to 6 but now it's at least 10 again b/c of
how things have been going. 
 I thought of one thing..I need to roll the obttle b4
injecting from it..of humalog..
 I don't know. it's just weird, 296 at 530am, 220 at
630am, 151 at 730am (no food, but i corrected at
530am) and saw no point in checking,b ut did b/c i was
having a diet soda and to be sure it was diet.. i was
163 (UP!!!and it'd only been 2 hrs since
bolusing..darn it!) I bolused at the 163 and at 1030 i
was 146. Now is lunch time but Im not eating, food
jsut sends me even higher when my body is in it's
"high" mode. I am dying of thirst and my stomach
hurts,b ut my bg is not that high right now. I'm going
to just keep checing a lot today at school especially
since I haven't eaten. gotta love this! my basals were
fine, if anythingtoo high, i don't kno wif it's that
or what. My friend who i was out with sunday called me
bright and early today b4 school (she was vomiting and
wanted me to get her something at school) and sounded
so bad..i'm wondering is she go thte stomach flu, so
much is going around. exactly a year ago i wasin
hospital with the stomach flu and don't feel like
dealing with it this year, but i have noticed every
time i get a flu shot i get the stomach flu and end up
in hospital...and i said this to a nurse at my endo's
innovember..just watch, if it happens htis year, i
won't get the shot again..but i'm hoping it doesn't,
things are already crazy enough..
 Doreen...sounds like you did everything right! I've
never been able to stay home with nonstop vomiting
more than 4 hours, i get dehydrated so fast and I
always go low that my parents have me in the er before
11am, that was always on shots,but i 'd think it'd be
the same even on the pump b/c when you can't keep
things down you do get dehydrated...don't know..

 this is neat! when you're not actually int eh
cafeteria you aren't so tempted to eat! (don't want to
b/c of bg) but boy i could drink a river right now!
guess it'll have to wait till i get home..
 smiling, but not enjoying any of this pump and highs crap
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