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[IP] Re: (amy's) frustration

on January 3, 2000,  amy m <email @ redacted> wrote:

>Subject: [IP] frustration

>Since New
>Year's Eve bg have only been high.
> I'm just tired of this.
> I can do humalog and not come down, but I can't
>assume it's me b/c I have seen a 71 in there. Not ni a
>few days, but still.
> I figure I'm not eating anything today until my bg
>comes down (i hope that's before midnight!). But I'm
>tired of this anyway.

Someone here is going to suggest to directly inject Humalog to bring the
highs down and see if Humalog works.  That's a solution that has solid
reasoning underlying it.

After that, I'd ask:

My Questions:

1) How do you know the Humalog is actually being infused?  Crystallization /
occlusions are possibilities.

2) What are you doing to correct for the high BGs?

3) How often are you testing?

4) Does your insulin:carb:BG algorythm need to be recalculated?

> What's the teenage year for females you all think
>that hormones hit the hardest?? Is it possible things
>would be teh same on shots, and it's just that I'm
>16?? (Mind you, at least I'd have 2 types of insulin
>in me). As for being my period, I'm sure some guys are
>thinking that...I don't know. Flat out don't know. I
>wish I could know, but  I can say it's been 2months
>since it came (no surprise, don't think it'll ever be
>regular...) but I learend NOT to think it's that.

1)  I think you should consult a gynecologist about semi-monthly periods and

2)  Is the hormone effect anything like taking cortisone or like vomiting
and having the stomach flu?

When I experienced those my doc advised I test and bolus-correct hourly.
That brings me consistently under control within about three to four hours.

>had consistent higher numbers last month and I was
>wrong..but thsoe were like 180-220 not 350s out of the
>blue whihc don't want to come down.

What is your target BG value?  I'm aiming for <120.

> I basal tested nights 3 nights ago.... 103, 89, 87
>and 66. but now all i do is go up (and i'm not
>rebounding, i fixed the low so i don't go low).

>I was
>224 when I went to bed last night

And, what did you do?

>, 296 this am..I cna'

Circadian rhythm or dawn phenomenon?  Unless you were still digesting, your
overnight basals or at least some of them (-8AM?) could be raised by

> this is how I see it (i think my endo will disagree
>with all, if not all of these solutions)
> 1-Pump with V, bolus with H shots
> 2-PUmp straight V
> 3-Pump normally, but take a tiny dose of U daily to
>keep me covered
> 4-go back to shots for a month ( I REALLY would hate
>to do this, but is lousy control worth it..what aren't
>i don't right?)

Have you actually tried to change to Velosulin, holding all other factors

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