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Re: [IP] Strange Date

At 03:31 AM 1/4/2000  Linda Vermeersch wrote:
 >>From the Microsoft Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure and Resource Center:
 >"The machine's BIOS program does not automatically update the century
 >during the POST routine....Windows 95 and Windows 3.x/MS-DOS will set the
 >date to January 4, 1980, the first valid date for the operating system. To
 >update the century register, reset the date in Control Panel or use the
 >DATE command in MS-DOS. The machine's BIOS and operating system should then
 >maintain the date properly."

Thank you for the clarification. That's why I suggested changing the date 
manually first. If it doesn't hold the date after a shut down, then suspect 
the computer battery.

If anyone needs any more help with this, please write me privately. Happy 
Pumping in 2000.


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