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[IP] "Old Computers"

Hey Sam and Michael and anyone else who qualifies,
I still use a 486 at home, complete with windows 3.1 (1995) and it is fine. 
 My modem is even 14.4 (an antique surely).   I had no Y2K problems. 
 Though slower than the one I use at work, It is fine.

I also do not have a CD player (I hear all the gasps)!  Since I started my 
love of music with little 45s (Sam knows about those...) way back in the 
1950's with Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" (to this day I remember 
exactly where I was when I first heard the magic of that sound) then went 
to LP (33 1/3), then to tapes....having to re-buy most of the same music on 
the tapes.....I just decided to wait through the next phase of recorded 
music.    So, when CDs are becoming obsolete, I will be buying Dark Side of 
The Moon, Van Morrison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Muddy Waters, other Rock and 
Roll, etc.,  on whatever the future sound is on.

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL  

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