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[IP] Response to Mallard Duck, Jane

Hi Jane,
I am 58, diabetic for 15 years, and yes, hormones, whether actually 
menstrating or not, will mess with your bgs.   My doctors say there is no 
connection to erratic bgs during menopause.  However, I asked them to prove 
it and of course they could not.  In the beginning phases of menopause, for 
nearly two years on and off, my bg levels were like a pogo jumper and 
nothing I did would level them at all.  This is about the time I went on 
the pump....so thank goodness for that experience.  After a couple of years 
on ERT, and the pump, I have a 6.2 Hbaic.   ANYTHING can make your numbers 
erratic, stress about your erratic numbers does a really good job of 
driving you nuts!  But the point is, I firmly believe any hormonal changes, 
from them time one nears puberty, to the beginnings of pre-menopause, 
hormones affect your bg levels.  As always, YMMV.  Feel free to email me 
privately if you have any questions.  Most of all, hang in there and try 
not to get stressed out about it.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

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