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[IP] Re(IP) Hello and questions on problems with altitude? or Skiing

Brynn Wrote:
I've been on MM 508 for about 6 weeks and have gotten alot of info and
support from all of you. I'm still trying to get all my basals set correctly
- - on Humalog between .2 and .3 every hour. Insulin:Carb ratio is 15:1 or
depending on time of day. So far I've been very successful at eliminating a
lot of "low bg's" since going on the pump - so, I'm pleased. Now for the
questions - just got back from skiing and snowshoeing in Colorado - in the
past this has always effected my bg's - running too high, or very irregular.
But, it was worse on the pump, except that it was a bit easier to correct
through boluses and changing the basals.  Since I live on the East coast, I
was wondering if the altitude could be partly to blame? Has anyone else had
this problem?  I don't think the exercise was an issue, because I'm really
active at home and workout on a regular basis.  Food was also kept pretty
regular, and I did use carb counting and dual boluses.

I have similar settings to you, and just got off the phone to my sister
about skiing(no pump for her yet).  Anyway, it may be a bit early to have
your basals adjusted perfectly from shots.  Many people coast from their
morning long acting when on pump.  Anyway, I find a ski vacation very
different from even a few hours of exercise at home.  (just went snowshoeing
in Ohio last week for a couple miles).  I have not had problems with
altitude, but I always write careful notes for the first couple days until I
get things adjusted.  Are you eating more or less fat than usual?  I usually
eat more eggs and protein for breakfast when I am skiing all day.  Also, I
find Humalog lasts 2-3 hours works and is harder to adjust with a start and
stop exercise like skiing.  I think I probably go to about 180-200, then
back to about 80 by noon when skiing.  Othwise, you would have to eat a
little continuously.
Good luck,
michael o

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