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[IP] sick day update

So after much debate I went to the ER thursday night, despite having heard
so many hospital horror stories over the year.  Once, the hospital failed to
pass a single expectation.

As a "refresher," I'd had a 102 degree fever for four days when I went, that
wouldn't budge even with tylenol/motrin.  Thursday morning I awoke with
moderate ketones and could NOT get my numbers down.  I went in at 3 pm ( I
had to go to the ER because the student health center is closed and going to
the ER is what the insurance tells you to do/will pay for ).  I left at 11
pm.  Basically, they drew blood, xrayed my chest and then left me for about
7 hours.  This is after I express concern about not being able to get my
sugars down (I drank enough to get the ketones to disappear)....  I got my
sugars down by myself.... I was never given water or anything to drink for
that matter... given one IV which promptly ran dry and was left dangling for
hours.... had to get a diet coke (real nourishing to someone who is
dehydrated) from a machine since I couldn't get anyone to even give me a
glass for water!  And to top it all off, was basically mocked by the doctor
who checked me out!!!  They checked my sugar ONCE when I checked in and
never again - not even before releasing me.  No one thought to check to see
if the diabetic was in DKA or low after being there for 7 hours without food
or water....

I am just horrified at the utter lack of care I received.  ARgh.... At least
no one tried to take my pump away!

Anyways, I finally on the road to recovery - extremely congested (chest) but
other than that, better.  Thanks for all the advice...

Oh, and one question - I never seem to need an increased basal during
illnesses, but I always need a lot more insulin to cover carbs..... anyone
else experience this???


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