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Re: [IP] 1980 vs 2000

At 05:25 PM 1/3/2000  Jane B Reese wrote:
 >Were you in the military???  Before diabetes??? In college, I tried to
 >enlist, only to be told - diabetics can't DO it!  Tee-hee!  Been with the
 >defense dept for 20 years, worked shift work, extra shifts, been
 >overseas,.............  MRE's?  Gives me chuckles!!!!!!

Yes I was in the military (pre-MRE's and pre-diabetes)... this was in the 
late 1960's. Overseas?? Yup!! 18 months at Clark Field, Philippines (now 
under a few feet of ash from Mt. Pinatubo) and 12 months in Khorat, central 
Thailand. That was as much overseas as I wanted to get back then. 
Fortunately I didn't need to eat rations... I ate at the officers club and 
flew a desk the whole time.

Capt. Sam

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