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[IP] Guys - don't need to read

OK - Ladies -

I started diabetes several years after getting my period.  Fine.  Diabetes
always made my BG go up!  Seriously UP!  Like 200 points - sometimes, that
was the only way I knew my period was imminent!  OK, I finally (fully)
skipped my period this month, but lo and behold, my BG still went up!
(WHAT?)  Is it possible that my period will still make my BG go up, even
tho' I no longer have it?  Right as rain, my BG went up like normal.  Is
there a fix for this?  Anybody know?  What is the story with diabetes and
menopause - none of my books mention it <sigh>.  Just when you think you're
getting the hang of this thing (diabetes, not menopause).  Any advice?
Anybody?  Before all my insulin reactions, I would have been too embarrassed
to write this, but like many things about diabetes, NOT knowing is worse
than asking!!!!

<shyly>  Jane  Thanks.

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