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Re: [IP] strange date

>At 08:54 AM 1/3/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
> >Did anyone see the recent post dated 01/04/80. Is this a Y2K? That would
> >great if it is...then we could say all the hype paid off! tee hee.
> >
> >It was Re: Important Reminder-Sam in the subject!
> >
> >
> >just noticed...and found it humorous!

It is I husband of Sammi, the one who maintains the archaic, groaning,
wheezing 486 that is the computer used for E-mail and the like.    No we are
not in a time warp that lost us 20 years (I'd be back in high school - once
was enough...)  I'm not sure if it is a dead battery or if it failed to
"roll over" into 2000.  The Bios handles until 2099 (I really hope to have a
faster computer by then).  It seems to be Okay now.  I don't think this is a
case of Y2K, more likely it is PC2OLD.
Sorry for the chaos, don't let this event stop you from returning your
generators, kerosene heaters, and the life time supply of Spam in your
basement.  :)

Happy New Year (2000 that is)

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