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Re: [IP] My beloved backlight

>In a continuing thread on why folks chose the Diesetronic over MM pump, my
>colleague in Dallas, Jeffrey Weiss, says of his D choice:
>"I haven't yet found a reason to wish for a backlight.''
>Doesn't he ever feel funny in the night and hate to wake up his bedmate to
>check when he last bolused?

Hmm. not yet. I'm still in the honeymoon phase where I'm logging every bit
of info, though...

 Doesn't he ever need to bolus for popcorn in a
>dark movie theater? Isn't he ever in the kitchen late at night for a snack
>and just too lazy to turn on the light?

Well, the D machine is easy enough to do one-handed and in the dark. The
beeps are distinctive enough to let me know I'm doing it right.  I've done
it a few times blind, then turned it over to look. And I've done a couple
of snack boluses with it in my pocket. I'm not to the point where I trust
myself to deliver a meal shot without looking. Yet.
>I use my MM backlight AT LEAST 6 times each 24-hour period. Others have
>warned it burns the battery fast, but my batteries last about 6 months, I've
>found, so that's not a worry.
>PS: My other reason for choosing MiniMed is that they, not Diesetronic, are
>doing significant work on the glucose sensors, which I'd like to be in on.

That's a good point. And when the time comes that it all comes together,
I'll be there with whatever company does it...

Jeffrey Weiss
email @ redacted
Dallas, TX

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