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Re: [IP] MM Extra Bolus after Square Wave

Stephie DOES have a 508...and thankfully she knows how to work it better than
mom! :)
On a separate note...responding to the "singing" kids...another "cute" story:
Prior to Stephie going on the pump 2 months ago, I ordered a "Diabetic Cooking"
magazine for recipe ideas.  The first issue came in December (addressed to
Stephie so she could get more mail)...a month after she started pumping.  She
looked at it said, "I don't need this mom...I don't have diabetes anymore!"
Before you all raise your eyebrows.  Of course she KNOWS she still has diabetes,
but the "meaning behind the actual words" is what really warmed my heart.  The
freedom the pump offers...and how much better she feels...allows her to not have
to "think about" having diabetes all the time!

Laurie, mom to another singing pumper

Ruth Schneider wrote:

> > I have never found a way to do it on a 507C, which is what I have, but
> > maybe they changed that on the 508.
> natalie,
> I think you are right.  can do on 508.   nada on the 507C

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