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[IP] Giving Blood on 1/5 - What to expect?

Happy New Year Everyone!
I will be giving blood on Wednesday AM (1/5) and would like to know what to
expect.  I have given blood before being diagnosed, so I don't mean the
usual stuff.  I mean in relation to diabetes.  Will my BG go up? Down?
While I am giving blood?  Shortly after?  A while after?  A co-worker is
going with me (work blood drive) so I won't be alone.  I just wanted to ask
the experts!  By the way, this is a new policy by the blood bank ...
diabetics who have been in good control for the past three months can
donate.  Pretty cool!

Ellen Compell (31) - Type II (insulin only)
MiniMed 507C since 1998
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>