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Re: [IP] Ketoacidosis???

Common sense - should prevail - change the site or go to ICU w/ DKA! 
fact of life - wake up and change the site and dont play around w/ how far u 
can go w/o changing site.
Thank you for your post - hopefully it will wake someone up so they dont make 
the same mistake.
And please - dont u do it again. I am curious as to why u would want to push 
for 7 days and take the chance of infections or DKA.  Living w/ Diabetes 
provides enough challenges...........
A Mom's Point of View!

>From a pumpers point of view, I've let sites go for about a week or so.  If
it looks good, my numbers are okay, why change?  I really don't see it as
playing around.  If my site looks bad an hour after I just put it in, I
take it out and put a new one in.  If it is 6 days later and still looks
fine, I usually just give it another day and change it regardless of how it
looks.  Up until my tape issues of the recent past, I usually average 4
days.  I really don't understand how you could go into DKA at 167.  I've
been trying to review my physiology of it to see if I came up with a
reason.  To go into DKA, you need to be burning your fat stores to use as
glucose in your cells, this produces an acid, which is the cause of DKA.
Now, the main reason this happens in T1 is if the glucose in your blood
stream has no way of getting into your cells because there is not
enough/any insulin.  The glucose builds up, you break down fat, so you have
lots of glucose and ketones floating around in your blood.  But if you were
not eating, and your body was breaking down fat for glucose (and you get
ketones as well), I could see how it could happen.  If you were eating and
you are T1, and your bg is 167, you know that the insulin has to be
working, at least somewhat.  Ketones are a very funny thing for me.  I've
been over 600 and had none, then I've also had times where I wasn't sick,
never gone above 250, and had moderate.  Ahh, another mystery of D.

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