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[IP] standard treatment

Hi Natalie, and all IP'ers! Hope everyone is having a great start to the New
year! I think that when I said that "I wish the pump was "standard" treatment
for all", I should have been more precise. I by no means meant it should be
MANDATORY! I just really feel that the results "most" people get using this
type of treatment are so positive, that the medical professionals should be
much more up to date on pumps and their use, and then in turn they can offer
this to more people with DM. I am so happy for your friend, Natalie, 32 years
and no complications! I have had DM for just a few years less, but I have
complications effecting every part of my body from head to toe! I also lost a
cousin at the age of 30 to DM. And I have a son who has DM. I personally feel
the pump has saved my life! And while I agree with you that we all should a
have a choice, I don't think enough people are even aware that the pump is a
choice. Thanks for listening! Denise

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