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RE: [IP] Is that really " diet?

>What regular sodas don't have sugar in them?  I don't know of any.  I
thought >they all had sugar.

>Shane drinks Fresca sometimes. I don't think it says "diet" on it
>anywhere, but there is no sugar in it. Also our local grocery store
>carries a store brand version of Clearly Canadian which is not listed as
>diet but has no carbs.

With both of these statements I should remind everyone that there wasn't
always "diet" soda/pop/tonic.  For companies such as Coke, Pepsi, 7up etc.
they have two versions of their product.  Thus one has become "regular" and
the other "diet".  However, Fresca only comes in one form and thus is
"regular", but it is sweetened with aspartame (nutrasweet) and has no carbs.
Thus our definition of "diet".  Also, there are a lot of seltzer products
out there such as Polar brand flavored seltzer which has no carbs, but then
also isn't "diet" because it is the only version.  Make sense?  Basically
over the years we have gotten in a rut of expecting "diet" versions of
things which isn't always the case.  Also, some things that do say "diet"
could still reek havoc.  For example I adore Diet Cape Code Cranberry soda.
Could live off the stuff.  But 12oz has 2g of carb.  Still considered diet
since the "regular" version has 45g.  But if I suck down two cans while
coding at work, (not impossible) that is .4u of Humalog for me and if I
didn't take insulin for it I would rise about 20 points from it. If I drink
them all day long, (yes I have a soda drinking problem. ;) ) I would have to
set my basal rate up to accommodate the soda.  Live and learn.

-- Sherry
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