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[IP] Home infusion companies

Per our insurance company's instructions, we went through a home infusion company to get my son's pump.  The company we were using was great about getting the pump approved and sending supplies without a hitch.  We had met our out-of-pocket maximum early this year, so we had no copay for the pump or any supplies.  My one gripe was that I never got an itemized list of supplies with prices listed.  Well... I got an EOB from my insurance company for the supplies I ordered in November and the infusion company had billed my insurance for $670!!! The 'negotiated discount' was $550.  This was for two boxes of Tender 2's and one box of cartridges.  The list price from D for those items is $390.  I called Disetronic right away  and they faxed me the papers so they can bill my insurance for the supplies I intend to order from THEM from now on.  Live and learn I guess, but there ought to be a law against highway robbery such as this!!  Also, how many supplies does your insurance companie!
s allow you to get at one time?  
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