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Re: [IP] MM Extra Bolus after Square Wave

James Stamas wrote:
> I think there have been some posts in the past about not using the
> square wave function on MM pumps because you can't bolus again until the
> square wave is finished (I may be wrong on this!).  Well last night we were
> at a friends for dinner and had pizza.  My daughter, Stephie, did a square
> wave bolus after dinner to last for 3 hours.  An hour later, it was time for
> dessert.  She started to put in a normal bolus for the brownie she ate (even
> though the square wave was still going).  I asked her if it was okay to do
> that...wouldn't it mess up/stop the square wave.  She looked at me like I
> was from Mars and said, "I do it all the time!  You can do a normal bolus
> during a square wave!"  I checked and both were delivered.  Then I checked
> the MM manual at home and it said right there you can do this! 

Does Stephie have a 508 or a 507C? 

I have never found a way to do it on a 507C, which is what I have, but
maybe they changed that on the 508.
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