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[IP] MM Extra Bolus after Square Wave

Just thought I'd post a quick story about a "learning experience" I had last
night.  I think there have been some posts in the past about not using the
square wave function on MM pumps because you can't bolus again until the
square wave is finished (I may be wrong on this!).  Well last night we were
at a friends for dinner and had pizza.  My daughter, Stephie, did a square
wave bolus after dinner to last for 3 hours.  An hour later, it was time for
dessert.  She started to put in a normal bolus for the brownie she ate (even
though the square wave was still going).  I asked her if it was okay to do
that...wouldn't it mess up/stop the square wave.  She looked at me like I
was from Mars and said, "I do it all the time!  You can do a normal bolus
during a square wave!"  I checked and both were delivered.  Then I checked
the MM manual at home and it said right there you can do this!  Leave it to
the 8 year old to be smarter than mom!! : )

Laurie, mom to Stephie (8, pumping 2 months)

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