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Re: [IP] Is a long fast possible?

There is no reason why you couldn't do this.  But you need to make sure to
keep good tabs on your BG.  I think that your basal requirements will
likely change over the 3 days, since it will take maybe a day or more to
deplete every carb from your GI system and deplete other internal stores.
Then you might find that your present basal rate is a bit too high, but
this is just a guess.  I don't know of anybody who's ever done this (nor
any physiologic study), but if you do it, I'd be very interested in hearing
how it goes.

<<<<<<<<<<<<From: "ager" <email @ redacted>
To begin the millennium, I'd like to try a 3-day fast, and wonder what I
might expect.
I tried once while on MDI, and needless to say, needed to eat on Day One to
end a low.
In principle it seems as if the pump should maintain me in normal range
indefinitely, and certainly for a couple days. Or am I missing something?
I'd rather drink only water, not even juices.

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