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Re: [IP] Is that really " diet?


Please clue me in.  What regular sodas don't have sugar in
them?  I don't know of any.  I thought they all had sugar.


--- Betsy Krussel <email @ redacted> wrote:
> A speaker at a IDDM conference recommended we always test
> our "diet" drinks.
> I found that if my sugars at home run unexplainably high,
> it is sometimes
> that the bottle of "diet" isn't.  I call Coke's customer
> service number and
> get help on how to identify lot numbers.  This doesn't
> happen often, but it
> is something to be aware of.  Also, not all regular sodas
> have sugar in
> them.  So if you can't correct a low, maybe the soda is
> really a diet.
> Sometimes the waiters and waitresses don't know anything
> about diabetes, and
> think it is not important to let you know that the "diet
> pump was empty, so
> I brought regular soda." They may think you are on a
> reducing diet and it is
> only a few calories, your eating all those potatoes, etc.
> I explained the
> reason I was requesting a different drink to our waitress
> once. She had no
> idea that there could have been a medical reason for the
> request.  She
> mentioned it to the other servers, and the manager
> overheard.  He asked some
> questions and posted a sign on the drink dispenser.  "No
> substitutions
> allowed without permission from the customer.  There are
> medical reasons for
> requesting diet and/or caffeine free sodas."
> As always...customer beware.

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