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[IP] Need Advice!!

I've been pumping now for about 4 months.  Having a time with finding "good" 
sites when I change as I've been a Type I Diabetic for over 23 years and 
have alot of scar tissue damage (I think).

Anyways... I changed my site today.  I ALWAYS draw back on the resevoir 
thingy to get all the insulin out of the old tube.  I then just recycle that 
insulin.  I always reattach the needle and push it all back into the bottle. 
  Now, when I was done and I gathered stuff to be tossed, I thought:  Heck,  
I'll draw back on that old reseviour and see how much insulin is still in 
there.  Of course, there's none in the tubing anymore.  It's just insulin 
that you can't push out of the reseviour anymore.  Well, by golly, there's 
about 10-15 units of insulin that is left in that thing!!!  Now... yes, I am 
conservative.  But, is there anyway of getting that extra insulin out?  Has 
anyone else come across this? You can push as hard as you can on the plunger 
thing, and nothing comes out the needle, but when you draw it back, there's 
between 10-15 units still left in there!!

Guess I would like to save as much as I can in all this process.  When you 
change sites 2 times a weeks, I'm wasting 20-30 units of insulin down the 

Any suggestions would be great!!  Thanks.

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