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[IP] ideas on basals & work schedule changes?

Hi all,

I hoped someone could give me some ideas.  When I started pumping, I also 
began  working steady 11p-730a shift.  Between the pump and this steady 
shift, which I kept the same sleep pattern on weekends, I really got a much 
better control.  This last week, I was told they are doing away with the 
night shift and I will have to go back to working any one of 5 starting times 
all mixed up each week (ie, not the same hours all week, but 1 day starting 
5a, another day starting 230p, another day starting 10a, etc.) not really a 
problem, but I live an hour away from work and will have to vary leaving time 
anywhere from 4a to 130p.  currently I run 2 basal rates, one for when I am 
awake and 1 for when I am sleeping.  I realized today, that there will not be 
anyway to program my sleep rate unless I change it daily, probably not easy 
to remember to do, and not to mention defeating one of the purposes of the 

    has anyone else run into this type of problem? this week will be my last 
on the night shift, and I'm a little nervous about how to go about making 
this change.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!!  Thanks all!

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