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Re: [IP] Is that really " diet? (sorry, long)

In a message dated 1/2/00 3:24:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< That's a good idea - to inform waitresses, etc, about the medical need for
 diet pop!  

I've found that unfortunately, this doesn't always work!!  I remember an 
incident at a restaurant in NH, oh god, it had to be 13-14 years ago.  
Anyway, we ordered a diet coke, and when the soda came, it tasted regular.  
My parents and grandparents summoned the waitress and told them I was a 
diabetic, I really needed diet soda, there was a medical reason for it.  The 
waitress argued with my parents that the soda came directly from a diet coke 
can.  My parents said that may be the case, but could they please get me 
another diet coke, better safe than sorry, right?  The waitress came back 
with the new diet coke, the can it came out of, and the manager.  She held up 
the can and told us that this was the EXACT can the first soda came from!  
The manager stood there and nodded.  I was only about 8 at the time, diabetic 
for only 3 yrs, but I still remember it and it disgusts me every time I think 
about it.  Like...why make an issue of it?  Why not just give the customer 
another soda and be on the safe side?  I have been in Taco Bell's or 
McDonald's where the diet soda spout is disconnected because "the spout for 
the orange soda broken and so we disconnected the lowest seller (that being 
the diet) so we could keep selling the orange."  Let's see...6 choices for 
them....0 choices for me.  Wonderful.  I explain to people why this is such a 
big deal sometimes, but it seems like I'd have better luck talking to a brick 
wall, so now I don't bother.  I leave the restaurant and never go back.  

Sorry to rant!!  

Kelly (who has actually had more positive experiences with this than negative 
in her 17 yrs w/diabetes, but it's always the negative ones you remember the 
most vividly!!)
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