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Re: [IP] Ketoacidocis???

Yeah, this makes perfect sense to me, I'm sure it was DKA.  It seems that now 
that I'm on the pump, any little thing can possibly cause DKA.  Granted, I've 
never had it in 17 yrs with diabetes, but I find that going longer that half 
an hour with the pump disconnected leaves me with high ketones.  I've been 
sick this week, and my pump ran out of insulin in the middle of the 
night...didn't hear the alarm until 3 hrs later (I sleep like a rock and I 
was so out of it the night before, I didn't even think of checking how much 
insulin was left)...I've been throwing up all day with sugars of 400+ and 
high ketones.  It seems that the pump has made DKA more of a possibility; 
does it have anything to do with no long acting insulin in the body in case I 
am not getting the Humalog from the pump?  Can anyone explain this to me?  
Thanks, Kelly
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