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Re: [IP] Is that really " diet?

That's a good idea - to inform waitresses, etc, about the medical need for
diet pop!  

I have been trying to "test" pop's before I really start drinking them, by a 
simple method anyone can do (without meters or test strips, etc).  What I've
been doing, is to put a few drops of the pop on my lips, smear it around, and 
let it dry slightly.  If it is sugared pop, you will notice a stickiness from 
the sugar on your lips, but diet will dry like water, at least for the ones 
I've run into.  It may not be the most accurate method, but it works for me.

I started doing this "test", after the pop machine at work had regular loaded
into the diet selection.  I didn't notice, or even look at the can, until I
started noticing the sugary stickiness on my lips.  Then I realized the pop
was regular and not diet!  I've used this test since then, to check fountain
drinks when out to eat.


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