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[IP] Standard Treatment

denise poole wrote:
> I wish it was the
> standard treatment for all people with DM!

I just came back from visiting a friend in Florida who has had Type 1
for 32 years. 

He is still using syringes, albeit multiple injections and carb
counting, and he really doesn't WANT a pump. He's perfectly happy with
what he's doing, at peace with his diabetes, and is one of the lucky
ones with no significant complications. He has also retained fairly good
awareness of hypos -- and simply tests often enough to catch the vast
majority of them before they become severe. So he sees exactly no need
to spend all that money for a pump. 

To me, this reinforces the idea that people should be offered options,
and be allowed to try the control techniques that they feel most
comfortable with. 
I don't think there should be a "standard" treatment because each person
is so different. 

Diabetes is a heavy PSYCHOLOGICAL  burden, and sometimes I think that
the emotional component is ignored in favor of the gadgetry and
calculation part of it.

For me, the pump has definitely eased some of the psychological burden,
but I can see where other people might feel exactly the opposite way. 

So I really think the key factor in diabetes treatment is choice!


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